Airport faces

they say there are a limited number of face types in existence.. The limited evolution of human features seems much more pronounced with the weight of a twice delayed flight dragging their soul through the bottom crease that once formed an optimistic grin..  

 In spite of the once in a century storm which ripped New South Wales a new one over the last 3 days, an hour ago the faces were full of sunny optimism. Looking forward to embracing lovers and devouring home cooked meals; the optimism slowly sank into the oozy sludge of darkness as the time passes, with expected departure slipping further and further into the future..

The faces seem so familiar, like I’ve known them in this life or perhaps one passed.. The Qantas attendant is jovial as he scans my boarding pass, taking me off guard and sucking me out of my dreary thoughts causing me to almost trample the sweet blonde girl to my left.. Upon further investigation I discover the blonde girl is also in Sydney on business.. Three days, Monday morning flight in, just like me.. She also lives in Brisbane, on the opposite side of the river.. She is 9 months single, I am 9 months into a new relationship.. Seat 25 b, seat 23 b.. 31 this year, I’ll be 30.. It’s just like I imagined her 🙂


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