Mancora: Where mosquitos attack!

We arrived at 3.30am on a night bus with El Dorado who were recommended as the main company to get from Chiclayo to Mancora by our hotel. We booked the bus in person the day before in Chiclayo, and the journey ended up being perfectly comfortable! So I would also recommend them as a good middle of the road company. The 6 hour journey cost 35 soles which was pretty reasonable compared to the other bus companies we checked in with on the main strip who were around 70 soles.

We were pretty pumped about getting to the beach, we had seen the jungle in Tarapoto, the mountains of Chachapoyas and the bright lights (and fumes) of Chiclayo. Now it was time to kick back and relax on the sand in the sun. We had heard the sun always shines in Mancora… Unfortunately when we arrived in the small wee hours we were greeted by huge mud puddles and soggy moto taxi drivers who couldn’t take us to our accomodation as the dirt road leading down to “Casa De Jessie” was not accessible due to the rain. We slung our backpacks on and sloshed our way in the dark down to the beach, headed along the muddy track for about 5 minutes and made it to the safety of our accomodation.

We emailed Jessie the day before after reading amazing reviews about her hospitality, when she came to greet us at the door at 4am I felt I could safely confirm that every word was true. Although she didn’t have a room for us until checkout around 11am, she made us feel welcome in her lovely outdoor living space. In spite of the weather, we were able to chill in the hammocks and rest until the sun (hopefully) came up. Perfect.

Apart from the mosquitos… After being eaten alive in the Amazon town of San Roque I covered myself completely. All apart from a little breathing space for my mouth. I wanted to get the insect repellent to put on my lips but Steve talked me out of it. I fell asleep for about 45 minutes and when I woke up GUESS where I had been bitten?!

Arriving in Mancora - 1 (1)

For a review of Casa De Jessie click here


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