REVIEW: Cassa de Jessy

Casa de Jessy is a guesthouse in the northern end of Mancora, it’s run by a lady called Jessy with the help of her daughter and has about 6 private ensuite rooms with the option of breakfast.

Hospitality: 10/10    Jessy was an amazing host. From getting out of bed to let us in at 4am and making us feel at home from the 1st second, to helping us figure out what Steve needed to get from the pharmacy to fix his stomach, she even gave us some antacid to help soothe the pain. She was so patient with my crappy Spanish and spoke with us in English wherever possible.

Room: 8/10    The room we stayed in was lovely and spacious, I thought it was really clean and loved the doors out onto the garden area. The bed was comfortable, we had our own fridge, as well as a couch out on the front patio with a little coffee table and a hammock. The downside was that the showers were cold, but I think that’s pretty standard in Mancora.

Facilities: 7/10    There was a great vibe outside in the garden when the sun was shining, however when it was raining the big brick fence made me feel a bit depressed. I don’t think we were supposed to use the kitchen – it felt more like Jessy’s home as apposed to a common area, but I read in another review you could pay a few soles extra to have access. As a big positive there was clean drinking water available as well as food and drink for sale if you wanted it. Breakfast was also available for an extra 10 soles but we didn’t go for this option.

Location: 6/10    Again, if the weather had been better the location would have been fine. In fact it probably would have been good to be removed from the crowded main drag of Mancora. But being at the end of a muddy track was really inconvenient so I have to be a bit harsh on the rating for location here.

Value: 7/10    We paid 90 soles for one night without breakfast, which is up there for Peru. We loved staying with Jessie but decided to move to a cheaper place closer to the main strip due to the weather.

Overall: 7.5/10 I really loved staying here because Jessie is amazing, but it was expensive for the location and the facilities were pretty basic. Mancora itself is all pretty overpriced so if you are prioritising good vibes above all, this is a great place to stay.

Contact information: 
Address: Prolongación Centro Veraniego cuadra 4 No. 180, Máncora
Phone: (073) 411495
Contactable via facebook message:



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