Peruvian language course at Bomboclub Crew Huanchaco

A great place to chill out the front with a cold beer or delicious and unique cocktail, and just watch the word go by!

We stumbled across the Bomboclub one Saturday night, we weren’t keen on the discotech because we just wanted to chill with some great music and good vibes. Boy are we glad we came here. Hugo (the owner of the place) has worked on a cruise ship for the last 9 years, so his English is great, he knows the tourism and hospo industry well and he has some hilarious impersonations of the cross section of people he’s met during his time. His whole ethos is “if you give them what they want and make them smile, they’ll come back”
Well it worked on us! After he put on some ACDC to make Steve feel at home we were the new regulars.

Hugo gave us a bit of inside info on which restaurants had the freshest Cerviche. He suggested we check out Lauro’s up near the stadium. We ended up going back a couple of times! Lauro is a kind and down to earth Dad type, and his place is cheap, fresh and amazing. Great tip.

He also gave us a crash course in the local lingo:
Chevede (cheer-bed-dee): means anything from cool to far out, and once you know it you will realise you hear it everywhere!
Bacon (baa-carn): Similar to chevede
Una china (oo-na chee-na): Local slang for 50 centimos.
Una luca (oo-na loo-ca): Local speak for one sole, luca(s) is like saying “bucks” instead of dollars or “quid” instead of pounds.

All in all Hugo is a guy who knows customer service and is more than happy to go the extra mile for his patrons. We ended up great friends, and during our time we even went on a couple of awesome adventures together!

If you’re in Huanchaco pop in for a beer, and if you’re feeling a bit homesick make sure you request your favourite music from home – Hugo can make anything happen.


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