Churup Guesthouse: We didn’t want to leave our home in Huaraz

Churup Guesthouse is a beautiful family run boutique hotel in Huaraz. Situated 5 minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas and the main street Churup has Peru’s best buffet breakfast.

Hospitality: 10/10 The staff here are all really warm and welcoming. We arrived off a night bus around 6am and were put into a temporary room to rest until ours was ready around midday. The house keeping ladies are a quiet, but kind and efficient team of 3 – and boy do they know how to keep a place clean! Mums the world over would be impressed. They also whip up a mean desayuno (breakfast).

Room: 10/10 We had a double room which was 90 soles per night, our friend had a single room (which was a double room for one person) which cost him 65 soles and the dorm option is a 4 bed room which will set you back a reasonable 30 soles. All rooms have ensuites with amazing showers and hot hot water. Our room (Huascaran III) even had a small balcony overlooking the courtyard. At night the rooms were so dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, and so quiet you could hear your own tinnitus – which is a rare find in Peru. One downside was that it did get cold, but we loved snuggling up in our big warm bed!

Facilities: 10/10 Bloody top notch is all I can say. They had 4 internet networks on offer so wifi was always good, there were communal living areas on each floor, a DVD / computer room, a dining room complete with plenty of candle lit tables, a great lounge area with an open fire, a roof top courtyard with lovely outdoor furniture to admire the view on a clear day and the kitchen was always clean. Also, (and this has nothing to do with the functionality of the place) it was really tastefully decorated with loads of beautiful antiques, gorgeous bright paintings and lush pot plants. I could have moved in here.

Location: 9/10 We were happy as larry with the location, it was within walking distance to everything but far enough away from the bustle to be peaceful. There was also a great cafe just down the road called the Blues Cafe. Open from 4pm – 9pm they did really good cheap coffee and the best mulled wine I’ve ever had! And that’s a big call after living in London for 5 years.

Value: 10/10 We almost didn’t book this place due to the cost, you can find cheaper places in Huaraz. But after our 1st night we were happy, then after breakfast we were hooked. The buffet breakfast is from 7am – 9.30 and includes fresh fruit, porridge, avocados, delicious fresh bread, jams, teas, coffee, pancakes, eggs… I’m dribbling on the keyboard! This together with the house keeping (clean sheets every day) and the atmosphere, you cant put a price on these things.

Overall: 10/10 We loved this place. I miss it.


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