Highlights from a dirty crowded beach town

I’m writing this retrospectively, it’s been almost 2 months since we were in Mancora and to be frank.. We weren’t keen on the place. It was our 1st taste of the Peruvian coast and coming from Australia we had high hopes.
My number one tip would be don’t bother. But if you do find yourself there, here is a quick run down of our highlights:

Mancora - 5
One of the resorts 20 minutes walk south of Mancora

Check out the surrounding beaches We went for a walk along the beach at low tide from Mancora to Los Organos which is about 15kms. It took us the best part of a day but we stopped about halfway at a place called El Mirador de Vichayito for lunch which was nice. The further you get from Mancora the nicer the beaches get, unfortunately we only came across very expensive resorts.

Visit the Iguanas We had a kindly old American bum point these out to us, just off the main strip behind the markets and the square. He told us he feeds them everyday and that’s why they’d come. It’s quite fun to stand there and try to count them hiding in the bushes. If you bump into Roberto the Gringo don’t get sucked in and buy him a beer like I did! He’ll be tugging on the heart strings, telling you about his starving (possibly made up) dog and asking you to buy him dinner before you know it.

Eat at a restaurant called Aqua This was the highlight of our time in Mancora, they have a 25 sole menu during the day which seems expensive, but it’s gourmet! We had the cerviche to start and the fish for the main. God damn.

Mancora - 8
The view from Green Eggs and Ham

Drink hard shakes at Green Eggs and Ham This little cafe has really yummy alcoholic milkshakes. They are strong so you may also need to order food, but the food is good and the view from the balcony is the best in Mancora.

Mancora - 9
Watch people getting boozed and the tables washing away

Watch the chaos from one of the balcony bars As the sun goes down and the tide comes in the tables out the front of the bars start to get washed away by the waves. We really liked watching it all unfold from the upstairs balcony of one of the bars. At first we thought it mustn’t happen very often, but soon realised it happens daily. The locals just haven’t figured out the tide charts, or like to leave the tables out right up until the last minute. Be warned, don’t pick a table out the front – the tide WILL come in to meet you.



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