REVIEW Inti Kala, Isla Del Sol Sud

With breathtaking views over the lake back towards Copacabana from your bed, a sun deck to watch the sunset and gaze at the stars and a restaurant attached, this place ticks all the boxes… Apart from the hospitality one

Hospitality: 3/10 When we arrived we were shown to our room by a couple of wrestling 10 year old boys. We negotiated a cheaper price without breakfast, paid and started settling in. Not long after the young woman who was doing the cleaning came in to tell us we had to change rooms because this one was reserved. So we got down graded for the same price with no apology.

Room: 9/10 The room was comfortable with an OK private bathroom and hot electric shower. The best part about this room, and the reason it gets such a great score is the view from bed! I spent a long time in this bed sick but I couldn’t think of a better place to sit and gaze out the window.

Location: 10/10 for us it was perfect! Walking from the north it was practically the 1st place we hit. On the other hand, walking from the boat it’s a hard slog up to the top of the ridge, but still positioned amongst the better restaurants with a stellar view!

Value: 9/10 The place is usually 80 bob each which is on the high side but it includes breakfast. We talked them down to 50 bob each without breakfast which we thought equated to pretty good value.

Overall: 9/10 The views make this place what it is, the rooms are fine if not a little dated and chilly but the nicer places here charge in usd, which is reflective of the touristy nature, so expect to pay a little more than your average Bolivian stop over.

Contact information:
 Yumani, Isla del Sol, Bolivia
Telephone:  +591-71944013, +591-76213014


2 thoughts on “REVIEW Inti Kala, Isla Del Sol Sud

  1. Hi babe, I just wondered what would happen if I replied to this as it comes into my email box. I didn’t take know that you had been ill, Greer said that it was salmonella, how awful! Did you both have it? You poor sausage, I hope you’re fully recovered xxxxx I won’t type any more because I don’t know if you’re going to receive it, I can’t “comment” on your blog because I’m not a “blogger”. Love you guys, and Paige, you’re doing a fine job with your blog, your writing is very professional, so proud. Take care my darlings xxxxxxxx



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