REVIEW: El Jardin, Samaipata

With options for camping, rooms with shared bathrooms and natural eco-huts with private bathrooms, this place attracts bohemian travellers from all corners. All buildings have been made by the owners and the place has a real hippy garden vibe, man.

Hospitality: 7/10 Slightly above average. The place is run by volunteers so you really can’t expect a lot, but they were nice and helpful when they were there.

Room: 10/10 We loved our clay “cupula”! It felt like a little hobbit house at the bottom of the garden. There are two levels, so as you walk in there is a living space with a little table and chairs and a bathroom adjoining, then up a little ladder the bed is a (comfortable) mattress on the floor under a spacey dome roof. It was so cosy and romantic! I read there were even a couple who got engaged in there. I can see how inspiration would’ve struck.

Location: 8/10 In Samaipata nothing is far, El Jardin is about 5 blocks back from the main square but part of the road is unpaved. It’s a little bit dark getting out of the garden at night so the light on the phone came in handy. There are also a lot of dogs in Samaipata but pretending to throw a fake rock works pretty well to scare them away.

Value: 8/10 For 130 bob it wasn’t bad, the cupula felt like our own little house and for a room without a bathroom it’s only 80 bob then camping is only 20 per person. The shared facilities looked a bit rough,  the bathrooms were outside and the kitchen was a mess, everything looked very unsanitary with dogs eating straight from the pans while everyone sat around the fire. It’s hippyville after all.

Overall: 8/10 I really liked the sunny garden and the chilled out vibe here. It’s the kind of place you could go to get juggling tips from some of the best traffic light performers in South America. You could also dance naked around the fire and no one would bat an eyelid. In saying this, we left after 2 nights in favour of a place with a usable kitchen.

Contact information:
Phone: 73 11 94 61
Address: Calle Arenales, the last driveway on the street

Samaipata - 18.jpg
The cupula

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