REVIEW: Casa Rosada Isla Isabella, Galapagos

Isabela seems to be the most expensive island for everything, we are led to believe that it’s due to the fact that it is more isolated and gets forgotten in the supply chain. Therefore, expect standards to be lower and prices to be higher. This was certainly the case with Casa Rosada anyway.

Hospitality: 4/10 Very average, the woman who appeared to own the place seemed a bit drunk when she was checking us in and tried to add 14% IVA on top of the price we had been given by the travel agent on Santa Cruz. She ended up letting us stay but was pretty weird and made the vibe of the place feel a bit off. She seemed more interested in the party side of the place than the customer service side.

Room: 5/10 Again, average. It was clean enough but still had a doggy kind of smell to it. It was on the road side so all we could hear at night was the sound of the bar as apposed to the ocean (which was the selling point according to the travel agent). The shower didn’t have a head so it was basically just a hose out of the wall, but it was hot. Not really bad, but nothing good about it either. 

Location: 7/10 Right on the beach so that’s good. Also, the iguanas really like it here. They are often heading in the gate or climbing up the walls. If you’re looking for a party place there is a great beach bar connected with the accomodation that had a bon fire and seemed pretty happening. Even during happy hour the beers were still $6usd each though so that was out of our budget and didn’t make us happy.

Value: 5/10 We paid $40 usd per night ($53aud) for a basic kinda smelly room. We asked to use the kitchen but she told us the gas was out and it wasn’t for guests,so no good facilities at all really.

Overall: 5/10 I don’t normally review the bad places but thought I would for the Galapagos because there was a better place called Janet’s across the road. $50usd per night for both of us but it included breakfast and a good kitchen for us to use.

Contact information:
Address: Antonio Gil, Puerto Villamil
Phone: +593 05252 9405


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