REVIEW: 3 Brothers, Little Corn Island

Hospitality: 10/10 3 Brothers is owned by the friendliest Creole local family, Randy Rigby is the head of the family and lives on the premises most of the year. He’s really helpful and went out of his way to make sure we felt at home during our two weeks over Christmas.

Room: 9/10 We had a double room with a private bathroom and a little netted in porch with a table. Our room also had 2 double beds so lots of space. It was simple but really clean and comfortable. The power on the island only runs from 2pm until about 6am so you need to be prepared for hot days spent outdoors with no fans available for mid morning ventilation.

Location: 10/10 In the middle of the action it’s within walking distance to everything. Be aware when looking for accomodation on Little Corn that there are no vehicles and when it rains the little paths along the island get super muddy and slippery. Think madness in the dark after the restaurants close leading to broken bones…

Value: 10/10 The best value place on the island we only paid $270usd for 12 nights and having access to a kitchen saved us a lot on eating out.

Overall: 10/10 We made some good friends and had a really excellent holiday here. Would highly recommend.

Contact information:
Phone: (505) 8658 8736 or 8927 072



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