Little Corn Island Budget eats… Or do they only eat Corn?

We spent 2 weeks on this lovely little island and although we cooked in our shared kitchen at 3 Brothers quite often, we also managed to stay on track budget wise and get out and about. This is a countdown of my favourite cheap eats on the island…

LittlecornBlog - 9.jpg

Number 1: Breakfast at Colorview Pizzaria. We never actually ate pizza here but their “lobster scamble” was divine! Big juicy chunks of lobster scrambled up in eggs and served with homemade coconut bread. We also had fresh fruit salad on the side as well as a steaming cuppa joe. All that for only 100 cords ($4.40 aud)! Yip. That’s why it’s number 1.

Number 2: Banana bread or ginger bread from the bakery at the fork in the road past 3 Brothers. Sooo goey and stodgy, get it while it’s hot or cold and it makes for a great gap filler! Only 15 cords (.65 aud)

Number 3: Hot coconut bread from the bakery near the school cannot be missed. Just walk in that direction and follow your nose (literally) until you reach a house with a little sign out the front. We bought a hot loaf one day with the intention of a sandwich and accidentally demolished the whole thing with a side of mayonnaise.

Number 4: Rosa’s is a great little local place and has the cheapest most delicious food on the island. From vege coconut curry to fish or lobster, it’s a backpacker favourite for a reason. You can find this place on the main path from the east to the west of the island.

Number 5: Tranquilo make the bomb diggity pulled pork nachos. Home made corn chips loaded with topping was enough to fill both of us so they kept us coming back. It’ll set you back around $12usd as it is one of the main gringo spots along the waterfront.

Of course there is a lot more on offer than these meagre items, Little Corn has a host of yummy restaurants and you’ll find the average meals range from $6usd up to $20usd depending on your taste and choice of eatery.


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