Big Corn or Little Corn?

Which island is better, Big Corn or Little Corn? Well, they are both beautiful islands off the coast of Nicaragua, both trimmed with white sand beaches and both filled with friendly Creole locals so honestly you can’t go wrong on either. We spent most of our time on Little Corn Island saving only 3 days for Big Corn but after visiting both I feel I may have written it off too early.

So, the logistics stipulate that you must arrive on Big Corn in order to take the treacherous little “Panga” boat to Little Corn, no way around it. The crazy death ride only takes 40 minutes, but if you’re on limited time this may seal the choice for you. Big Corn is cheaper, has bigger beaches and more options with regards to accomodation and local food. Little Corn has no cars, less people and feels like more of a backpackers secret.

BigCornblog - 1 (2).jpg
The pier on Big Corn

With this in mind it’s now a personal choice but for me the main difference was the beaches on Big Corn were wider and seem to have more sand making it the better choice for sunbathing the day away.

BigCornblog - 1 (1).jpg
A lot more room for activities on Big Corn

They also however, have more people and lead onto local houses in various states of disrepair.

BigCornblog - 1.jpg
Storm rolling in on the main beach road, near Picnic Beach. The weather changes in the bat of an eye

We walked from the main pier right around to “Picnic Beach” the cleanest and most picturesque of them all!

BigCornblog - 5.jpg
Picnic Beach is very wide and clean

Picnic beach has no houses, but a couple of resorts selling high priced food and drinks. The sand is soft and white and the water is warm, calm and super clear.

BigCornblog - 6.jpg
Postcard perfect, Big Corn wins my vote for best beaches

We stayed at G and G hostel near the main dock and were really happy. $25 usd per night with private bathroom and cable TV. They have a good restaurant and bar downstairs.

In my honest opinion, I preferred Little Corn. I loved the vibe, the people and the pace.




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