Im Paige.. And in December 2015 I quit the 9-5 grind to travel South America with my love. We have set ourselves a budget and we hope to stretch it out to enable us to travel for at least a year. We love hiking and the outdoors, and being from New Zealand and Australia we are also fascinated by the rich history of the countries in this wild continent.
I initially started this blog to keep our family entertained and up to date with our movements… But it’s kind of evolving as I learn more about photography, so I would also like to use it as a way to share some of my favourite shots.
Also, having used other peoples blogs to research the destinations we arrive at, we would like to help others on a similar journey by including details on specific companies, prices and reviews. We are not living in luxury, but we are also taking the creature comforts when we can afford them. Our own room, vegetables.. Its the little things!

Now you know what we are about, join us on our adventure!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Instead of studying for the exam I have to sit in two hours, I’ve just been reading up on Paige Impressions. What a lovely distraction. Love you aye xx

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  2. Hi Paige and Steven,

    Nice meeting you on the dive trip in San Cristobal!

    I will be following you through the rest of your America’s trip!!!

    Thanks for the welcome distractions!

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  3. Hi guys! I saw your feedback in trip advisor about your trip in Galapagos. I tried to check how to send you a message but i just found this way. Not sure if you were on 23 november in san Cristobal.
    A dad of a friend is missing since that day was wondering if you were also there and could recognize him with a picture if you might see him.

    Thanks for considering this message and great info about your trip.



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