REVIEW: Cloud Forest Chugchilán

After a second full day of hiking this is exactly the kind of place you want to come home to! Lovely owners, hot showers and hotter meals. Perfect for a weary wanderer to rest their bones. Hospitality: 10/10 We were welcomed in off the street and shown to our respective rooms with no booking necessary. The food was lovely and during dinner the owner came over … Continue reading REVIEW: Cloud Forest Chugchilán

REVIEW: Friends Hostel Quito

Quito is a vibrant and beautiful cultural hub with lots to do and experience. There are many hostels to choose from, but if you are looking for a clean and organised place with friendly staff then I’d suggest checking into Friends Hostel in the heart of the old town. Hospitality: 10/10 The staff here seem to be a team of young guys who are all dedicated … Continue reading REVIEW: Friends Hostel Quito

REVIEW: Patty’s House Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is known to be expensive however we found it was possible to find a basic place for $15-$20 each. Or for a little bit extra you can have your own mini apartment at Patty’s House complete with kitchen to cook up your own fresh seafood from the market. Hospitality: 10/10 Patty met us at the door and showed us up to our room. … Continue reading REVIEW: Patty’s House Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

REVIEW: Tatais Hostel San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro has to be the most overpriced place in South America, so Tatais is a good budget option with a clean kitchen and a nice courtyard to chill in. They have dorms and private rooms and also organise tours to see the area’s highlights. Hospitality: 7/10 At first we didn’t know how to take the owner here but after a few minutes we realised she … Continue reading REVIEW: Tatais Hostel San Pedro de Atacama